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Update on my life

Just for Cy, because I love you so and miss you very much! Thanks a gazzileon for wishing me a happy birthday on every website and what not you could, that's just lovely and very touching! *glomps*

Now, for the update on my life.

Yesterday, turned 23 freaking years old. But you already knew that one... hehehe, other then that I am still working my ass ever since last september, today is my first day off from work and all I managed to do was lazy around and draw.

For my bday the love of my life (the other one) has bought me painting supplies. So today I spent painting a little as well, I enjoyed it very much but he didn't buy me enough paint. I already used pretty much all the white I had... >>;

And, for the other BIG news is.... WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!

We've been living together in a rented house for almost three years. Now, just a few weeks ago we saw a house we fell in love with and managed to buy it. From January the 30th we'll get the key and we'll start with freshing the whole house up right away. Once this is finished we'll be able to move out of the house and live in our new little love nest... I am so excited you have no idea. We've saved up enough money to buy at least a new sofa and two lazy chairs plus a... don't know what to call that in English but I'll tell you, IT'S GREAT!!! XD

Well, that's my update! Since livejournal is all we have and I don't see us showing up online any day soon together, how about you keep me posted a bit more about your life?

Love and hugs,


Personal challenge

Well, I am just going to do it. A while ago Alex found this challenging fanfiction (or something) write comunnity, giving me the tip that you could always challenge yourself for your writings. We both use this theme challenge for our own personal project, but I can't help but to use it for the DBZ  drabbles I have written so far. Mostly G/CC.

I don't know if I am allowed to use it like this. I hope I am not breaking any rules of the fanfic100</lj> community.

So here goes nothing, the first prompt!

Title: What's Wrong With a Simple Touch?
Fandom:  Dragonball
Characters: Goku, ChiChi
Prompt: 038 - Touch
Word Count: 413
Rating: K
Summary: Goku's still got to learn a lot, why ChiChi finds so much joy in a simple touch?
Author's Notes: Part of this Newly wed story I wanted to write.

What's wrong with a simple touch?Collapse )Well that was it!

Toodles x

I am back!

How about that? I decided to come on this journal a lot more often from now on.

I have been writing fanfiction ever since I was 16 years old, now turning almost 23 I have discovered that I haven't grown that much at all. Each drabble I ever wrote was tossed aside because I grew stuck somewhere along the way. Only having one friend who I showed it to but most of the time I just tossed it aside and forgot all about it. Now I have a file with tons of short drabbles and each time I read through all of them I see little to no change in the style of my writing. Even my spelling still sucks.

So guess what, I am going to use this LJ for my drabbles and of course I shall come online a lot more often to just ramble and see how my darling Cy is doing.


Oh and my birthday is coming up, really, truly not looking forward to that. I already know what my love is going to get for me, actually, has already gotten me. I have yet to unpack it, buuuut I told him exactly what to get me. So HA, at least I know it will be something good!  XD
I want to try out painting, yes I do... I know I am not a big fancy artist, probably will never got pro in that area either. But I do know is that I love to draw, I draw doodles whenever and where ever I can. So it's just a way of broadening my ways of drawing and what not. I am already dying to try it out for the first time XD

Oh and another thing! We won't throw a huge birthdayparty this time, because and this is one reason I truly love. My love and I are saving up for Januari the 30th. Why? Because, WE BOUGHT A FRIKKING HOUSE!! Can you believe it?! We are as of now official house owners and I couldn't be any more happier. We live in a rented house right now and even though it is our home and has been our home for the last three years, I felt like we were throwing our money away like it was nothing. There's no investment and we really wanted to be able to say "This house, everything we put in to it is truly ours." And beginning from January the 30th we will have a home in which we will start all over in and... EEEEEP! Just so exciting.

Well, ought to be going now. Feel like writing at the moment, so maybe I'll just do that! XD

xxx Wynora

We've got that settled

Dang, after experiencing something rather scary about people wanting to be your friend more then anything. I have decided right away, before saying out public that I have a new journal to write in, that I am going to make this a complete Friends Only journal. Unless I am saying something about my website or something... maybe... dunno. 

What is this scary thing that I mentioned? 

Well, it wasn't exactly that -scary-, but more or like... creepy. 

In the Netherlands, we have a site like MySpace and/or Bebo as well, it's called Hyves. I have recently made an acount on that site as well as my boyfriend. Last week, a girl left a message behind at my acount, this girl was my best friend when I was ten years old. Before I moved that is. She and I had spent a lot of time together before I reached the age of ten and moved away from her and there for loosing all contact with her. 
She added me to her friends list and we soon started talking to each other through MSN, I figured that would be fun no? Eleven years since she and I had last spoken, so many things to talk about wouldn't you think? Well, she thought so too. 
As soon as the conversation had opened, she immediately started to talk about how good friends we had been back then, how she had longed to have a friendship like that back again. My innitial response in my head was "O.o'" and I replied with "Yeah, those were the days." She brought up memories of our time together and later started to talk about how sweet and protective I was over her, she remembered that I was the only one sticking up for her when no one else would. 
You see, she isn't the smartest person around, wasn't that 'well' built (young developed woman), growing boobs growing in length she was picked on a lot. She needed a special program to hold up with the rest of the class etc. And I was her best friend... 

Then, the bad moments of her life came to the surface, a few weeks after I had left, her school life had turned in to a living hell. She was transferred to a more special school for she couldn't keep up with the rest of the class, or how she said it, they 'dumped' her on to a special school. 
When she reached the age of 14, her father had passed away. She was now alone with her mother, elder brother and younger baby brother. From then, even her home life had turned in to a living hell.... 
Needless to say, this girl had been through enough, even more after loosing her own father she just fell in to a hole and what I know now has never gotten out of it. 

When she had told me all of this, she said that she had longed for a good friend to be by her side again and help her get her out of this depression. I asked her if she didn't have any friends and she replied with a 'no' (Looking at her screen-name of MSN "Stella, Bella, Janine, Esther, Emma, I love you so much, you're the best friends I have ever had."). Then she asked me, if I could become that friend that would be by her side and help her get to the brighter side of life. I just said, "Maybe, we'll see right?" 

Then I had to leave, the following evening when I came back online she had already sent me two e-mails. In both she had wrote how much it made her happy to have me back in her life again, how lovely it was to know that a girl like me was backing her up. She wanted to get to know me again and there for asked for my home address. And, with out me knowing it, she had found my cousin's acount on that site as well, adding her to her friendslist and asking my cousin all sorts of questions about me. Who I was, who my boyfriend was, how I was when we would go out, was I still this funny and where did I live? 

This freaked me out just a bit more and I didn't reply to her e-mails just yet. This moring, I had found another two messages from her which she left behind for the public eye to see, saying that she missed me and would wait for me to come online. That she looked up to me, for my ('so called') beauty and my self-security and... that she loved me very much. ARGH... WTH!
I go to my cousins page, she has written 'I see you as a younger cousin as well, I've always wanted to taken care of you the way Wynora always did.' WTF!!!!!! GO AWAY!

That's when I drew the line, I had my cousin remove that message the girl left behind on her acount, removed the messenges she left behind on my acount and I mailed her saying in a polite as possible way that she was beginning to creep me out and I didn't want to have anything to do with her if she kept on doing this again. I told her that I didn't wish to speak to her for a long time and to back away from my cousin. 

She replied later on saying she was sorry and didn't mean to creep me out.... 

WTH... just tell me... why? Why?! WHY?!

There for... Friends Only. 

xxx WyWy